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This is the part of my site dedicated to my, hopefully soon to be finished, Master pieces:

Work 1- having dropped the perfect match idea I'm going full speed on "Stranger, Sister, Daughter" which is being moved to it's own site.

Work 2- This is an currently untitled story that came to me after reading the epic Genma's Daughter. I'm Twisting it into a whole new idea that might scare the children *laughs evilly*

Work 3- I will eventually be putting up some Zoids or Final Fantasy Tactics fanfiction. Now there's Something to look foreward to.

Work 4- I'm planning a few crossovers which will appear when I've finished them. I'm not sure at this point which will be done first but most will be up at one point.

Disclaimer: I don't own Ranma 1/2 or and of the other animes or video games I use in my stories. I do own any characters I think up though(The zodiac deamons of a change for the better for example) so I don't leave emptey handed.